Athletes first.

Unlock Health Intelligence insights that unleash athletes’ full potential.

Reduce rates of athlete injury, maximize athlete performance.

The Empericus Health Intelligence platform integrates an athlete’s entire historical medical record with the latest advances in sports science and sports medicine. The resulting analysis provides medical staff, trainers, therapists, and coaches with the advanced health insights they need to help athletes achieve their full potential.

Actionable insights

Create evidence-based, personalized clinical care strategies to improve athlete and team health, wellness, and performance.

Collaborative care

Create an inclusive network of wellness, with all athlete stakeholders sharing access and insights in real-time, to better plan and coordinate personalized athlete care.

Total Health Intelligence

Empericus is the only platform to combine both clinical and performance data to provide clear and actionable insights for individual and team care strategies.

Accessibility and security

Portable health record management is built on Microsoft Azure, and designed with role-based access control for the highest standards in security and privacy.

Powered by the Microsoft Sports Performance Platform (SPP)

Microsoft’s Sports Performance Platform aggregates and visualizes data associated with a team and an individual athlete to provide actionable outcome models. Armed with the ability to predict trends and make faster, more informed decisions, coaches and trainers are equipped to better track and improve athlete and team performance, create proactive care strategies, minimize injury and accelerate recovery times.

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Core Services

  • Visibility into all types of EMR patient health information records
  • Monitor care plans in real time with observable data
  • Athlete workload management
  • Injury prevention and wellness planning with Health Intelligence
  • Clinical best care strategies
  • Access control and consent management
  • Health Intelligence dashboards

Sports Science Services

  • Health Intelligence advanced algorithms
  • Performance metrics and KPIs
  • Strength and conditioning metrics
  • Nutritional metrics
  • Health and wellness KPIs
  • Performance dashboards for every athlete and stakeholder

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