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Game changing sports medicine platform uniting people, performance and care.

Unleash Potential

Health Intelligence™ Platform is a revolutionary evidence-based platform providing a single-pane-of-glass enhanced with time-saving advanced visualizations and algorithms integrating health, medical and performance data.

All-In-One SaaS-based Platform

Configurable evidence-based Exercise Medicine platform, bringing personalized clinical care strategies to improve athlete and team health, wellness, and performance.

Collaborative care

Create an inclusive network of wellness, with all athlete stakeholders sharing access and insights in real-time, to better plan and coordinate personalized athlete care.

Accelerate Development

Deep Machine Learning provides personalized insight to accelerate improvement.

Security and Control

Maintain total control of your health information with Personal Health Record Ownership.

Partnering with Microsoft

“Despite all our recent progress in sports medicine and sports science, the systems we use do not allow us to unlock the next frontier of progress—using the power of data. Empericus understands this and has developed a platform that raises the bar. I am excited to partner with Empericus, ensuring they are able to take advantage of the best Microsoft technologies as they build the future of sports medicine.”

by Dr. Simon Kos, CMO at Microsoft WW Health

“Modern solutions, like the Empericus Health Intelligence Platform, must be built to minimize the risk of data loss and not compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of that data throughout its lifecycle. That is why it is exciting to work with Empericus on their innovative approach to delivering their Health Intelligence Platform.”

by Hector Rodriguez, MBA, CISO at Microsoft WW Health.

Health Intelligence™
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Core Clinical Services

  • Visibility into all types of EMR patient health information records
  • Monitor care plans in real time with observable data
  • Athlete workload management
  • Injury prevention and wellness planning with Health Intelligence
  • Clinical best care strategies
  • Access control and consent management
  • Health Intelligence dashboards

Sports Science Services

  • Health Intelligence advanced algorithms
  • Performance metrics and KPIs
  • Strength and conditioning metrics
  • Nutritional metrics
  • Health and wellness KPIs
  • Performance dashboards for every athlete and stakeholder

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