About us

Empericus is a team of passionate healthcare professionals dedicated to leading a transformational change in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

We believe in constantly pursuing the latest breakthroughs in health, wellness and performance. We believe in maximizing the power of technological advances in artificial intelligence, clinical science, patient wellness, and genomics. And we believe that when given the quality care they deserve, people will live longer, healthier years extending not only their lives, but their purpose and success.

By empowering individuals and encouraging collaboration among health care providers, everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Leadership Team

  • Ron Pruitt | CEO

    30 Years Improving Healthcare through Technology
  • Nuno Godinho | CTO

    Former Athlete Leads with Experience and Expertise
  • Steve Mcinnes | Product and Partnership

    Sports Business MBA Versed in Digital Transformation

Clinical Advisory Board

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