December 20, 2019

Empericus featured in SportTechie article

We are proud and thankful to have been selected by SportTechie to be features in an article post MLB Winter Meetings.

As SportTechie described on its article:

Empericus has trademarked the term “health intelligence” as a catch-all descriptor for its athlete management system, which stores data in the cloud and uses machine learning to help coaches, trainers and support staff categorize metrics and customize care plans for individuals. (The cloud platform, says the company, helps athletes access and own their personal data.)

“Not only do we capture structured data within clinical electronic medical record systems, we also capture unstructured data,” Pruitt says. “We do that through our proprietary natural language processing. As we glean that data as it’s being ingested into our system, we clean that data. We pull that data out, and that’s where we work with the end users to help them identify the specific data points they want to implement into those athletes’ records.”

Read the full article here SportTechie: “Saving Trees and Knees: Empericus Platform Eliminates Paperwork and Contextualizes Athlete Data for Health Insights”