November 22, 2019

“Future of Sports” presentation at Soccerex USA 2019

We are delighted to have been able to present our vision of the Future of Sports at the Soccerex USA 2019 conference in Miami, USA, following our presence at the Soccerex Europe 2019 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

During this event our very own Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer @NunoGodinho spoke, once again, about our vision for the Future Of Sport and how it is about amplifying Athlete potential and longevity, while we unveiled our Health Intelligence™ Platform.

As Soccerex put it on their youtube video of the event

“The promise of significantly longer, healthier, more productive athletic careers — the holy grail of sport success — will only come through a revolution in evidence-based athlete care and health management. Soccerex Europe delegates witnessed the key to this revolution first-hand, as Empericus unveiled its patent pending health intelligence platform™, and revealed how critical metrics, machine learning and a 360-degree athlete health approach will deliver exhaustive history, analytics and decision-making power — presented with single-glance immediacy and time-shattering ease-of-use — into the hands of anyone concerned with athlete wellness and organizational excellence. “