Empericus is a revolutionary platform in evidence-based patient care and athlete management.

We aren’t just changing the game, we’re creating a new one.


Athlete performance

  • More complete performance analysis
  • More personalized athlete training programs
  • Better athlete agility, endurance, and speed


Health and wellness

  • Develop protocols for healthy training
  • Reduced risk of overtraining-related injury
  • Increased insight into athlete recovery process


Game day performance

  • Fewer injuries, more time in the game
  • Better game day planning and strategizing
  • In-game analytics


Business outcomes

  • Improved team coordination
  • Reduced injury-related costs
  • Better ability to motivate, retain and recruit athletes

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The power of Microsoft

Empericus is a proud and trusted co-development partner of Microsoft. Powered by advanced AI, BI and the full capability of the Microsoft Intelligence Cloud, Empericus ensures that an athlete’s health record and patterns are available anywhere, to anyone granted access.

Maximize the value of data

Empericus continuously ingests large amounts of data, such as electronic health records of each visit, lab results, stress test results, medication regimens, imaging interpretations, in addition to measurements provided by sensor-enabled devices such as wearables and physical training data.

Save time and money

Empericus reduces the amount of time required for collecting, processing, and analyzing an athlete’s clinical and performance data. It also lowers costs by improving evidence-based care strategies for every athlete, helping to minimize injury.