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Imagine a clearer path, where all relevant data is brought to life, controlled and secured by its owner. Critical intelligence provided in the moments that matter the most to make the best care decisions.

For care providers

Wellness monitoring

Medical providers get a complete overview of the athlete’s health, wellness, conditioning, and performance data.

Access consent

Secure access determined by individual roles and user identification.

Athlete workload management

With a more detailed presentation of health, performance metrics, and nutrition, coaches and trainers can better manage the daily activities and the physical readiness of athletes.

Injury prevention and wellness planning

By leveraging an athlete’s medical and performance data, care providers can deliver more precise care planning and conditioning strategies for each individual athlete.

Health Intelligence dashboards

A comprehensive overview of medical history, labs, allergies, immunizations, medications, in-patient and out-patient encounters, imaging, daily updates, care plans, and wellness monitoring.

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For athletes

Health Intelligence

Advanced algorithms aggregate and translate clinical data from multiple care providers, wellness data, and sensor data.

Performance metrics

Wearable and performance data is aggregated from multiple sources.

Performance index

Optimized athlete health and training programs help to improve performance.

Health index

Gain increased insight into athletes’ potential.

Wellness index

Athletes’ medical information is combined with best care strategies to minimize injury and illness, and accelerate recovery.

Health Intelligence dashboards

Athlete health history, performance data, training metrics, and event and competition statistics are displayed intuitively.

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